Be free of your jealousy. 5-day training + bonus.

This is a training that I originally did in my Facebook group ‘Be free of your jealousy. So you’ll hear me refer to the training we did there.

Also. Come join us! We are a squad of fierce, curious, supportive women and that are committed to making our own fun!

There are lots of support from other women who either already broke up with jealousy or are getting there. And if you have any questions when doing this training you can get answers by posting your questions in the group. Find us on facebook.

Questions to ask yourself when you’re in your jealousy pattern

Talk about it and feel better.

How to love yourself when you get jealous

My number one tool on the mission on getting rid of jealousy – and how to use it

Be the adult. Show the bully in your brain to it’s seat

Bonus track – The Football-coach