About me

Hey! You’re here!

So happy that you’re in my orbit!

I coach women to be their beautiful, weird selves by taking getting real about what they want in life and going for it!

I’m not interested in your your labels, your diagnosis or how you look.

My only interest is showing you that you are a magnificent and resourceful human, that can accomplish anything she puts her mind to.


  • Cutting down on the tasks you take on and making more time for YOU.
  • Stop being jealous and ruin your relationship and start being happy.
  • Taking the sense of ‘being done’ with your current job seriously and being determined on finding out what you want to do now.
  • Stop being confused about wanting to get a divorce or not.
  • Stop attracting the wrong Goddamn men and get a loving one instead!
  • Speaking up and standing your ground in your relationships.

My work consists of helping you finally stepping up to BE that resourceful, beautiful human who’s straightening her back and is proud as fuck of what she accomplished!

A woman like that is powerful, attractive and fun!

I am also a reflexologist. My magic hands takes you from stressed to relaxed in 15 minutes!

I live in Copenhagen with my love and all our teenagers and I coach people all over the world.

I’m also a singer, a maker of art, a Badass Parallel-Parking Ninja and an enthusiastic dancer-in-all-contexts.

I am a speaker at companies and events where I talk about the brain and how it works and I teach strategies to manage your mind. I’ve worked with the Danish State Ministry, Væksthuset and TRYG

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Kitt Tvile //tlf. 61694594 // email: info@kitttvile.dk