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Are you a jealous bitch??

I help women stop being jealous, nagging at their partners, and start having the happy relationship that they want. 

No matter how you’ve been, you can stop ruining your relationship and be happy. I know, because I’ve made the change myself.

I know you don’t mean to be a bitch. I know it feels like you get obsessed by an evil spirit and once that happens you have no say in how you react.

I know you have tried everything to stop yourself from yelling at your partner, sending him insane amounts of shitty texts, stalking him and interrogating him, insisting you go to couples therapy.

I know that in your heart you WANT a healthy relationship – you just don’t know how to STOP!

I know you think he’s gonna leave you – because no one will stay in a relationship being belittled and and talked shit at for very long. 

Actually you don’t get why he hasn’t left yet.

You JUST WANT A FUCKING MANUAL on how to handle your jealousy, relax and be happy!!!

I’ve been jealous al my life and once I figured out how to handle it I stopped! And when I did, I finally started getting the love I always wanted.

I am relaxed and happy being with a man who loves me and is faithful to me.

I created this reality for myself. If you’re stuck in jealousy, too, I know what to do about it. I have the tool that you need. 

I’ll teach you how to use it and once you know what to do –  you can get rid of your jealousy in 3 weeks flat!

I am longing for showing you that you can DO THIS! I want to help you get in contact with the woman that straightens her back and is proud as fuck of herself!!

A woman like that is powerful, attractive and fun! And she gets the love she deserves.

I live in Copenhagen with my love and all our teenagers and I coach people all over the world.

I’m also a Singer, a Maker of Art, a Badass Parallel-Parking Ninja and an Enthusiastic Dancer-in-all-contexts.

I am a public speaker. I speak at companies and events where I talk about the brain and how it works and I teach strategies to manage your mind. I’ve worked with both the Danish State Ministry and big organisations in Denmark like TRYG and Danske Bank.

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Kitt Tvile //tlf. 61694594 // email: info@kitttvile.dk